These over-the-top home customizations will bring down your real estate value

As Featured in CNN Money & Detroit Channel 4

Written by Kathryn Vasel

Image Courtesy of the Article

In a recent article about how customizations may diminish property value, CNN Money‘s Kathryn Vasel turned to Dean Jones, President and CEO of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) for insight. Among the issues highlighted by the article, Jones notes that home value tends to go down when over-the-top decor and an abundance of color are used, which Vasel writes can “turn off buyers.” Jones says that “it’s difficult for the vast majority of people to envision living in a highly expressive space or anything outside a more neutral color palette that they can then add their own personalization to.” A buyer’s ability to picture themselves in a property is crucial to both the home’s value and its ability to command offers. Thus a space such as this condo at Lumen, which offers a neutral and industrially inspired palette, provides the buyer to imagine what the space will look like as their own.