Fengshui in Seattle: City's real estate draws Chinese

As Featured in China Daily USA

Written by Linda Deng

Image Courtesy of the Article

An article describing the trend of Chinese home buyers in the Seattle area reads, "some Seattle-area homes are being built or remodeled to improve their feng shui, to attract Chinese buyers. Specialized local brokers who are fluent in Mandarin and understand feng shui are seeing an advantage when working with buyers from China. These are some of the signs of Chinese influence on the local real estate market. 'We are witnessing exponential increases of Asian homebuyer interest in the Pacific Northwest, especially from the Chinese mainland,' said Dean Jones, president and CEO of Realogics Sotheby's International Realty (RSIR) at the 2014 Luxury Properties Showcase (LPS) in Shanghai at the Marriott City Centre, which was held in December, 2014."