Home of the Day - Sprung from the Dreams of Autumn: Storybook Farm

Image Courtesy of RSIR

Storybook Farm was featured as the PSBJ "Home of the Day" on October 31st. The article reads, "With a name like 'Storybook Farm,' how could one not be charmed? This magical residence and destination wedding location has sprung from the pages of Modern Bride and Town and Country and is now available for purchase. 

Originally farmed under the Homestead Act, Storybook Farm has been recreated over the last fifteen years with a charming country cottage framed by orchards, tree lined country roads and the big red barn, lovingly restored to its original charm. In high demand as a wedding and events venue. Just as nice, smaller outbuilding for tools or crafts, and one of the most beautiful chicken coops in the world (fresh eggs anyone?). 

The orchard and kitchen garden provide produce for our farm stand, and the Patterson Creek salmon run has been restored to allow spawning fish to return. Best of all, this 'rural' paradise is within commuting distance of Seattle and downtown Bellevue."